A Quick Guide for Spring-Cleaning Your Ears

white q-tips on grey terry towel

As we say goodbye to the harsh winter and welcome the spring season, we feel an urge to tuck away those bulky winter clothes, shake out the rugs, and make our cabinets clutter free. In the spirit that we get back to our long pending to-do list and spring-clean every single corner of the house,… Continue reading A Quick Guide for Spring-Cleaning Your Ears

Hearing Well While Eating Out

These days, having a productive discussion with your company while eating out is a privilege that not many people have. This may be due to the music, the closely placed tables or even the noise from the kitchen. It is also said that raised noise levels are created intentionally sometimes in order to impart a… Continue reading Hearing Well While Eating Out

Tips for Adjusting to Your New Hearing Aid

Whether you’ve recently purchased your first hearing aid ever, or you’ve decided to upgrade your device to another model, chances are that the sounds you’re experiencing feel anything but natural. This is especially true for first-time hearing aid wearers, and hearing professionals go to great lengths to prepare their patients for the expected discomfort of… Continue reading Tips for Adjusting to Your New Hearing Aid

The Effects of Hearing Disabilities

Hellen Keller once mentioned that while people are separated from objects due to vision impairment, they are distanced from other people (often their loved ones) due to deafness. While any disability affects one’s life in a manner that is beyond measure, the lack of general awareness in case of this “invisible disability” cannot be denied.… Continue reading The Effects of Hearing Disabilities

Eating for Healthy Hearing

This season has many of us reevaluating our diets and health, be it in response to overindulgences during the holidays or merely an interest to finally reach our lofty health goals. The truth is, most of us already know what we should be doing to stay healthy– it’s the actually doing it part that has… Continue reading Eating for Healthy Hearing