Vacationing with Hearing Aids


On first thought, it may seem that hearing aids are just an extra hassle when it comes to vacationing; however, that is not the case! Vacations are all about having fun and relaxing. Therefore, by being prepared with a hearing aid travel kit, you can avoid any issues and have the vacation you deserve
Also, with more advanced forms of hearing aids, the latest technology allows you to hear even better than the average tourist. Those busy airports, hotel check-ins, and tourist sites can be easy to navigate and enjoy as long as your hearing aid is functioning properly. A hearing aid travel kit can help keep your hearing aids your ultimate best friend on trips.
Some things to consider for your hearing aid travel kit could be: extra batteries, portable dry-aid for hearing aids, extra hearing aid cleaning brush, battery remover and waterproof containers. This travel kit can be your “go-to” for hearing aid help
while traveling to your destination. We know how important hearing is for our communication and keeping this optimal during travels is essential.
Equally, it is important to remember and be aware of protection and maintenance of your device during travel. The below items are a list of tips and tricks to ensure your hearing aid travel kit is fully ready for any travel adventure you face. Being prepared is key!

  • Create your travel kit stocked with spare batteries, cleaning instruments, repair tools, and emergency contact information for a hearing care professional where you will be traveling to.
  • Don’t forget to bring your accessory items to connect to your tablet, smartphone, and any other electronic devices you may want to sync to.
  • Another tip is to utilize the T-coil setting on your hearing aids to connect to “hearing loops” at travel hubs
  • Make the above items easily accessible throughout your journeys just in case there is an emergency situation.

Even if an emergency with your hearing aids does arise, do not distress! There may be a quick troubleshooting trick to fix the issue. If your hearing aid is weak or not working at all, check your batteries first. If that does not work, check the volume controls as well as any vents/openings to make sure they are not clogged.
If troubleshooting does not fix the issue, seeking a local hearing healthcare professional may be the answer. Do a quick search before going to the provider to make sure you will obtain excellent care. Some things to consider include: insurance coverage, reviews, distance, and walk-in hours.
Enjoy your vacation to the greatest magnitude by being prepared. Your hearing aids can be your best friend or your biggest foe depending on how well you take care of them and your preparation level for when technology malfunctions. Having your hearing aid travel kit and knowing a hearing professional in the area you will be traveling are essential ways to enjoy your vacation even more. Remember these tips and tricks when packing and hitting the road for your destination. Safe travels!
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