Hearing Evaluations

We understand that hearing loss can be an isolating and depressing condition to live with, and close to 30 million Americans could benefit from the use of a hearing device. In reality, many people don’t seek out help, although there are a variety of options that meet all lifestyles and budgets. In order to determine if a hearing aid is necessary, a complete hearing evaluation is required.

At Hearing Science, our hearing evaluations are quick, easy, and painless. They allow us to clarify the source of your hearing loss, its severity, and to determine which solutions will meet your needs.

When you visit us for a hearing evaluation, you’ll begin by sitting down with one of our audiologists to review your medical history, current symptoms, and your specific hearing needs. Using a tool called an otoscope, we will physically examine your ears to look for any injuries or blockages inside.

To get an accurate assessment of your current hearing capability, we will also complete a series of audiometric tests. A variety of sounds will be played while you wear a special set of earphones, and you’ll be asked to simply signal when you can hear the sounds our tests emit.

We’ll be testing your ability to hear across a broad range of frequencies and volumes, and you may also be asked to repeat different words that you hear to help determine if any pitches and tones of speech are not being heard. Sometimes this test is repeated in the presence of background noise.

At the conclusion of the test, our audiologists take the time to thoroughly explain your results and answer any questions you may have. We print a graph of your results, called an audiogram, so that you can clearly see what sounds you can hear and if there are any that you can’t.

If your results reveal that you’re a good candidate for a hearing device, we will review multiple treatment options that take into consideration your budget and lifestyle needs. At Hearing Science, you can rest assured that you will never feel pressured to choose an option that you’re not comfortable with. Our mission is to simply help you understand your current hearing ability and, if necessary, the available options for better hearing.

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