Why Choose an Audiologist

Audiologists are highly trained professionals who diagnose, treat, and manage hearing and balance disorders. These hearing professionals are specialized in identifying and rehabilitating hearing loss in individuals of all ages including newborns, children, and adults.

Audiologists earn an advanced degree in Audiology (either a Master’s or Doctorate degree), and complete rigorous training and testing in order to become licensed to practice. When licensed by their state Board, they’re approved to dispense hearing aids and practice in the best interest of their patients. Integrity is strongly emphasized in the oath they must take, and is something the professionals at Hearing Science take very seriously.

Our audiologists are committed to the ethical guidelines of their profession and never try to “sell” to our patients, but instead aim to educate them on their situation and the best options for their lifestyle. At each of our locations, we offer the skill, professional service, and continuing support necessary for long-lasting success. It’s our mission to enable our patients to take full advantage of today’s custom-fit hearing devices.

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